The Trainers

The Trainers!

Kokila “CokeRaman

Coke was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. Spent a good deal of time in her teens at the family owned farm in Bangi-Selangor, surrounded by a range of animals. She took to them naturally and often ended up rescuing strays – both domestic and wild. The local veterinarian and assistants, noticing her interest and natural affinity to these animals, were happy to guide her on understanding and the treatment of common medical conditions.

However, she went on and pursued the field of Medicine instead of Veterinary overseas. While busy doing her studies, she managed to care for rabbits and an unwanted Rottweiler puppy, in her tiny apartment! Upon completing her medical posting, Coke worked with various organisations locally and overseas. The time overseas gave her the opportunity to interact with some amazing dog handlers. She realised that there were a lot more to dogs than what was very commonly associated with them back home (and anywhere else for the matter!). So, she decided to retire slightly earlier from the permanent posts and pursue this amazing field of dog training and off she went to the United States. She is now a certified Canine Training & Behaviour Specialist.

She continues to maintain her role in Medicine as an external consultant with NGOs overseas and travels for certain periods when required, but lives in Malaysia now with her family- fully dedicated to Transforming Dog Ownership and welfare. It has been a great journey so far, having worked with numerous dogs in training, rehabilitating, re-homing, rescuing and just rolling with them! The venture became greater when her eldest daughter decided to join the team and is now a trainer at Wagworks.

Shahnaaz Meera

Shahnaaz spent her early childhood in Malaysia and then a lot of time in various countries around the world, accompanying her mother at work. She got her first pet – an Angora rabbit, followed by a pair of Syrian hamsters and a rescue dog- that she figured out how to manage all together on her own! All the tending and caring came to her naturally. Her passion for animals and their welfare showed from a young age.

Interests in Wildlife – Animal Management sparked as she was nearing the start of her tertiary education. Shahnaaz had decided to take some time off and work with the domestic scenario –  dogs and their welfare, before completing her tertiary education, so she got her certification as a Canine Training Specialist.

She has trained and rehabilitated numerous dogs since she joined. The dogs often take to her very easily, they enjoy working with her and trust her. Shahnaaz has her hands full with the constant flow of customer’s dogs and her own rescue dogs – Daisy and Heather. Her consistency in maintaining the standards for all these dogs has mended so many relationships between them and their owners. She hopes to continue giving her full support and pursue a full-time career in Animal Care.

Chris Lam

Chris started out her career as a Graphic Designer and freelance photographer. She was fully immersed in the creative field which then progressively expanded into travelling. Experiencing and integrating culture, art and design from globetrotting seemed like the obvious next phase and that lead her into a full time travel consultancy job. Travelling didn’t interrupt her responsibilities back home, where she had her own little ongoing project  – rescuing stray cats and dogs! They somehow always turned up along her way (quite conveniently), where she felt obliged to bring them home and care for them – at her own expense. Along the way, she found a good veterinary clinic near her that was willing to help her manage these rescued animals and as a result, numerous dogs and cats have been saved and re-homed.

Do contact Chris at Wagworks to find out about rescued dogs and cats that are available for adoption anytime!

Chris’ natural compassion for these fur-kids and the various behaviours each of them brought to her attention, lead her to read up and get more information on how to manage them effectively and find them suitable families to be re-homed. Wagworks training got her attention and she brought one of her rescue dogs – Gabby, to be obedience trained. She became a regular visitor at Wagworks and forged a great relationship with the trainers.

Chris is now a certified canine trainer at Wagworks.

She is an amazing trainer with clockwork consistency who has exhibited fantastic results in dogs.

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