The Trainers

The Trainers!

Kokila – (Coke)

Kokila retired from the medical field where she served for 18 years; mostly with the United Nations and completed multiple postings in several countries. This is where she was first exposed to working dogs and was amazed even after growing up with dogs throughout her life. The unbreakable bond between a handler and his dog, and the unbelievable abilities of those dogs given the circumstancesall too interesting to pass!

Kokila has been in the dog training industry since 2014. Earning the title of Canine Training/ Behavioural Specialist in the United States, she continued to get further hands on training abroad to gain as much experience as she could with a wide range of breeds. When she returned home to Malaysia, she set up a dog training centre and became the head trainer there – while recruiting two more brilliant prospects.

Wagworks Training – now officially a Team!

Her main focus at Wagworks is dealing with extremely aggressive dogs and others in need of intensive behaviour modification and rehabilitation – all ages, every breed out there with any problem!

Kokila continues to maintain her role in medicine as an external consultant overseas, but her full dedication to transforming dog ownership in our society and advocating for their welfare continues with her team of remarkable trainers.

Get in touch with Kohkila at Wagworks – Eco Cascadia.

Shahnaaz M.

Based at the Eco Cascadia branch, Shahnaaz provides scientifically proven methods and ethical dog training with a PRIORITY in BEHAVIOUR – period!

A large number of dogs are surrendered (shelters) or passed on to others because they ‘exhibit unwanted behaviours’ to a point where they become impossible to deal with or a danger to the family.

Shahnaaz emphasizes on the fun side of learning, while delivering a comprehensive Obedience training programme by Wagworks that is unlike anything you would have encountered or read about in the regular Puppy Classes locally; she takes you through breed specific training and temperament to help your dog with potential future and present behavioural issues.

She shares valuable tips to avoid the all so common ‘destuctive dog’ problems, aggression, resource guarding, separation anxiety and more. Most importantly, Shahnaaz takes you through the dog’s public etiquette guidelines and how to make the best out of each experience out there! What is acceptable during play-fighting and what isn’t; and a lot more.

Shahnaaz basically helps you communicate with your dog better and bond – for life!

Whether you already have a dog or thinking about getting one, Shahnaaz will help you every step of the way by guiding you with clear boundaries and acceptable behaviour.

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Chris Lam

Chris started out her career as a Graphic Designer and freelance photographer. She was fully immersed in the creative field which then progressively expanded into travelling. Experiencing and integrating culture, art and design from globetrotting seemed like the obvious next phase and that lead her into a full time travel consultancy job.

Travelling didn’t interrupt her responsibilities back home, where she had her own little ongoing project  – rescuing stray cats and dogs! They somehow always turned up along her way (quite conveniently), where she felt obliged to bring them home and care for them – at her own expense.

Along the way, she found a conveniently located veterinary clinic – Southpaws, owned by Dr Ivan Lee who was willing to help her manage these rescued animals; as a result – numerous dogs and cats have been saved and re-homed.

Chris’ natural compassion for these fur-kids and the interesting behaviours each of them brought to her attention, lead her to read up and get more information on how to manage them effectively, before finding them suitable families to be re-homed. Wagworks training got her attention and she brought one of her rescued dogs – Gabby, to be obedience trained.

Chris is now a certified canine trainer at Wagworks and she is known for  her fantastic results in dog rehabilitation. She has earned the trust and respect of all her furry-students and their remarkable owners.

Do contact Chris at Wagworks Seri Austin to find out about the current rescued dogs and cats that are available for adoption!

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