The Trainer!

The Trainer!

Kohkila was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, then moved to her family land where she found her passion for animals, i.e. caring for and raising livestock along with their brigade of dogs, cats, rabbits, parakeets and visiting animals from the jungle next door! There were always stray puppies, dogs, kittens and cats that seem to find their way particularly around her property!

The local veterinarian and vet assistants, noticing her passion and natural affinity to these animals, started to instruct her on treatment of non-critical conditions.

However, she pursued the field of Medicine overseas. While busy doing her studies, she managed to care for a rabbit and a Rottweiler in her tiny apartment! (No, the Rotty didn’t eat the rabbit!) Interestingly, they co-existed happily with some training from a local dog trainer.

Upon completion of her medical posting, Kohkila worked with various organisations locally and overseas, which also gave her the opportunity of interacting with some amazing dog handlers. She realized there is a lot more to handling dogs than what is used by the common person out there. So, she decided to retire slightly earlier and pursue this amazing field of dog training and off she went to the United States.

She still maintains as an External Consultant with a health organization overseas but is based in Johor Bahru now, fully dedicated to offering personalized training for dogs, irrespective of size, breed or temperament and showing the owners how to improve on the relationship by using simple communication the SAFE and CORRECT way.

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